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Returns Policy

All products sold on are covered under our 5 days replacement guarantee. If you got the wrong product or the product you got is damaged/defective in anyway, please let us know within 5 days of delivery in order for us to replace the product for you with no extra cost.

  • A customer can ask for a book replacement in the following scenarios:
  • There's a mix-up in orders and they have received the book(s) they did not ask for.
  • The customer has received a damaged copy of the book(s) such as torn pages or damaged binding.

  • In all these scenarios, we request you to send us the book(s) back within 5 days of receiving the parcel, for return.
  • Please note that after this time, no request for returns will be entertained. Therefore, it is highly recommended that once you receive your parcel, open it immediately and inspect the book(s), so any requests for returns can be made in time.
  • Please keep in mind that in case of receiving the wrong book(s), the customer has the choice to choose between a book replacement and amount refund.
  • When returning a book(s), take proper care of the shipping arrangements so as not to damage the book(s) in transit.
  • Refunds for returns will be processed within 20 days and the customer will be notified when the refund is made.