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Undlas Main Ajnabi

Undlas Main Ajnabi
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Undlas Main Ajnabi




"Undlas Main Ajnabi" is such a masterpiece that words fail to express the joy, and triumph u feel after reading it...
Tarar takes you to the"Undlas" of the"moors", and the way he explains it's attraction, is unexplainable.... " Qasre Alhambra kay surkh meenar", and the glory of it, in Tarar's words leaves you spellbound... and all u crave is to go there... Gharnada and it's history, Ashbelia and qastalia , even the raw and savage "Bullfight", leaves unfading marks on one's memory... There's something in this book, May b the lost glory of the Muslims, that speaks of itself, the magic which took Tarar there... as he himself said" Yaha tak k Paris ki apahaj Pascal k bandhan b Mjy rok nhe paye"!!!!
simply awesome... A must read....

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Pages 320

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