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Abdullah Yusuf Ali’s Articles and Reviews

Abdullah Yusuf Ali’s Articles and Reviews
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Abdullah Yusuf Ali’s Articles and Reviews
  • Writer: K K Aziz
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  • Pages: 541
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  • ISBN: 978-969-35-2213-3




Abdullah Yusuf Ali was one of the greatest intellectuals, men of learning and erudition, scholars and public figures of modern Muslim India. The book is a collection of his articles and reviews. A wide array of topics is covered which includes subjects like German literature, Islamic art, agriculture, Indian drama, Urdu Language, religion, the Palestine problem, the people of Somalia, Ibn Rushd, and the list just goes on. The articles not only disclose a part of Ali's personality but also talk much about IndiaÍs history, the problems its people face, and possible solutions.

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Pages 541

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