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Writer: Raza Ali Khan Product Code: STP-12403
Outstanding work on the subject. The author’s exploration of Iran-Pakistan relations is profoundly deep, objectively analytical and in my view, makes a solid contribution to Pakistan’s foreign policy, and understanding of Iran as a critical regional power. It is an admirably stellar work of ..
Military, Civil Society And Democratization in Pakistan
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Writer: S. Akbar Zaidi Product Code: STP-12400
Using a political economy framework, this book examines issues related to the process of democratization, decentralisation, governance and civil society in Pakistan, in an historical and contemporary context. The book highlights social and structural transitions and transformations in econom..
Rs.1,200 Rs.1,495
The Security Imperative - Pakistan's Nuclear Deterrence and Diplomacy The Security Imperative - Pakistan's Nuclear Deterrence and Diplomacy
New -8 %
Writer: Zamir Akram Product Code: STP-12396
The Security Imperative is an in-depth study of the evolution of Pakistan’s nuclear programme until it became a reality despite all the international pressures against it and the challenges along the way. A must-read for those who want to know the other side of the “Western” or “internationa..
Rs.2,300 Rs.2,495
Writer: Syed Shabbir Hussain Product Code: STP-12395
"Ayub, Bhutto and Zia - How they fell victim to their own plans" reveals the fascinating story of the rise and fall of the three men who linked the destiny of Pakistan with their own destiny and how when they fell almost everything they had done was undone. As a Rawalpindi - Islamabad based ..
The Leader's Mind
New -38 %
Product Code: STP-12393
Clear and concise steps to develop the confidence and mental edge that sets you apart as a trailblazing leader--the same approach thousands of professional athletes have used to become champions.The Leader's Mind taps into the same tips and techniques honed by top-tier athletes, such as ho..
Rs.500 Rs.800
The Diary of a CEO (Low Quality Edition)
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Product Code: STP-12388
Steven Bartlett is an Entrepreneur, speaker, investor, author and the host of UK's No.1 podcast ‘The Diary of a CEO’ - an unfiltered journey into the remarkable stories and untold dimensions of the world’s most influential people, experts and thinkers.Steven is an accomplished investor in th..
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Writer: Musa Khan Jalalzai Product Code: STP-12392
The author explores the problems that Pakistan has faced throughout its history in the institution of governance, and how there are internal as well as external factors into play in the persistence of these problems...
Blind Spots in Pakistan's History Blind Spots in Pakistan's History
New -16 %
Writer: Asim Imdad Ali Product Code: STP-12387
In 1824 Jeremy Bentham wrote “The Book of Fallacies,” in which he listed more than 50 mistaken beliefs or delusions that prevented the introduction of reforms in his country. This book, "Blind Spots in Pakistan's History," lists far less than 50 blind spots (enduring fallacies and flawed philosophie..
Rs.2,700 Rs.3,200
History, Memory, Fiction
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Writer: David Waterman Product Code: STP-12381
New Dimensions in Contemporary Pakistani and Kashmiri WritingsHistory, Memory, Fiction proposes an examination of several contemporary novels and memoirs of leading Pakistani and Kashmiri writers, considering them as historical fiction, in other words as works that are based on real-world fact..
Rs.800 Rs.850
Prison Interlude : The Last Eyewitness Account of the Rawalpindi Conspiracy Case
New -10 %
Writer: Zafar Ullah Poshni Product Code: STP-12379
Zafar Ullah Poshni was a young Pakistan Army captain when he was arrested for taking part in the famous ‘Rawalpindi Conspiracy’ of 1951, in which army officers of different ranks and top members of the Communist Party of Pakistan were arrested for allegedly conspiring to stage a coup against..
Rs.900 Rs.995
Writer: Ishrat Husain Product Code: STP-12368
Authors: Ishrat Husain, Aijaz A. Qureshi, Nadeem HussainThe Economy of Modern Sindh delves into the different aspects of Sindh’s economy—from geography, topography, climate, administrative history, and demographics, to the political landscape, education, health, labour force and employment, po..
Writer: Taymour Soomro Product Code: STP-12367
The Contract Law of Pakistan is a comprehensive description and analysis of the law on contract.The text is structured thematically and provides an authoritative and accessible account of the principles of contract law with detailed descriptions of applicable case law. The author gives p..
Rs.1,050 Rs.1,400
Product Code: STP-12359
A compelling book that casts the Qur’anic encounter with Jews in an entirely new lightIn this panoramic and multifaceted book, Meir Bar-Asher examines how Jews and Judaism are depicted in the Qur’an and later Islamic literature, providing needed context to those passages critical of Jews that ..
Rs.700 Rs.1,000
Writer: Carmine Gallo Product Code: STP-12356
With a new introduction from the author, discover the secrets to a perfect TED Talk and learn how to deliver an exceptional presentation with Carmine Gallo’s Talk Like TED. ‘Talk Like TED is a smart, practical book that will teach you how to give a kick-butt presentation. But Gallo goes deeper than ..
Rs.700 Rs.1,000
Product Code: STP-12354
Author: Malik Mohammad Jafar, I. A. Rehman, Ghani JafarCheck out some of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah's most brilliant speeches on numerous issues including the Muslim Wakf Bill, Indianisation of the Army, Reforms in the NWFP, the Role of the Press and On Pakistan's Ideal..
Writer: Hasan Askari Rizvi Product Code: STP-12350
This book offers a comprehensive study of the dynamics of civil-military relations in Pakistan. It asks how and why the Pakistan military has acquired such a salience in the polity and how it continues to influence decision-making on foreign and security policies and key domestic political, ..
Rs.1,100 Rs.1,200
Writer: Hasan Askari Rizvi Product Code: STP-12335
This book undertakes a comprehensive and documented study of the role of the military in Pakistan’s society and politics with a view to explaining why and how a professional military can acquire political disposition. The major themes have been studied with reference to three clusters of factors: th..
Rs.1,300 Rs.1,400
Writer: Maleeha Lodhi Product Code: STP-12333
Pakistan faces a number of critical challenges, a ‘polycrisis’ that comprises multiple crises – political, constitutional, economic, security, geo-political, demographic, and ecological. These systemic challenges are the cumulative consequence of decades of poor governance and squandered o..
Rs.1,650 Rs.2,000
Writer: Ahmed Salim Product Code: STP-12326
This volume brings together writings in English and Urdu translation which shed light on Lahore’s five month descent into chaos from March 1947. Some of the pieces are well-known autobiographical accounts of such prominent non-Muslim intellectuals as Khushwant Singh and Som Anand who worked and live..
Rs.800 Rs.900
Writer: Najam Sethi Product Code: STP-12333
This is the first volume of a series of books by veteran journalist Najam Sethi on Pakistan’s sputtering journey under democracy from 1988 to 2021 after it emerged from a stifling decade of autocracy under Z A Bhutto from 1972-1977 and ruthless dictatorship under General Zia ul Haq from 1977..
Rs.1,500 Rs.1,995
Writer: Najam Sethi Product Code: STP-12325
This book covers the tumultuous second term of Nawaz Sharif that was cut short by the October Coup in 1999 which installed General Pervez Musharraf in power. It tells the inside story of how Sharif stripped President Farooq Leghari of his powers under Article 58-2B of the constitution, how he..
Rs.3,000 Rs.3,995
Writer: Brian Tracy Product Code: STP-12315
One of the hallmark's of Brian Tracy's philosophy is that you are 100% responsible for the results in your life. While Brian Tracy has discussed this philosophy since the 1980's, it is increasingly out of place in our current cultural moment. Today there are numerous voices telling you that an..
Rs.700 Rs.1,000
Writer: Ayesha Siddiqa Product Code: STP-12314
Pakistan is a strategic ally of the US in the ‘war on terror’. It is the third largest recipient of US aid in the world. Yet Pakistan is a state run by its army and intelligence service. Operating in the shadows, Pakistan’s military industrial complex owns and controls swathes of the economi..
Rs.900 Rs.1,295
Writer: Robert Greene Product Code: STP-12288
In this book, Robert Greene demonstrates that the ultimate form of power is mastery itself. By analyzing the lives of such past masters as Charles Darwin, Benjamin Franklin, Albert Einstein, and Leonard da Vinci, as well as by interviewing nine contemporary masters, including tech guru Paul ..
Rs.650 Rs.900
Product Code: STP-12259
What do you do? Tim Ferriss has trouble answering the question. Depending on when you ask this controversial Princeton University guest lecturer, he might answer: "I race motorcycles in Europe." "I ski in the Andes." "I scuba dive in Panama." "I dance tango in Buenos Aires." He has spent mor..
Rs.700 Rs.1,000
Writer: Fauzia Husain Product Code: STP-12245
As developing states adopt neoliberal policies, more and more working-class women find themselves pulled into the public sphere. They are pressed into wage work by a privatizing and unstable job market. Likewise, they are pulled into public roles by gender mainstreaming policies that develop..
Rs.800 Rs.1,200
Writer: Alex Michaelides Product Code: STP-12240
A masterfully paced thriller about a reclusive ex–movie star and her famous friends whose spontaneous trip to a private Greek island is upended by a murder from bestselling author of The Silent Patient.This is a tale of murder...
Rs.600 Rs.750
Writer: Maulana Safiur Rahman Al Mubarakpuri Product Code: STP-12236
New Revised Edition with full color pictures and Lessons & Morals at end of each section.The biography of the Prophet is a very noble and exalted subject by which Muslims learn about the rise of Islam, and how the Prophet Muhammad (S) was chosen by Allah to receive the divine revelation. You als..
Rs.2,250 Rs.3,000
Product Code: STP-12160
Do you constantly feel unmotivated to work on your dreams?If the answer is yes, then this book is for you. Laziness stops us from enjoying the little time we have. It doesn't help you accomplish your goals. It stops you from starting anything new. It makes your life miserable.This book will ..
Rs.300 Rs.500
Writer: Arundhati Roy Product Code: STP-12159
From the best-selling author of My Seditious Heart and the Ministry of Utmost Happiness, a new and pressing dispatch from the heart of the crowd and the solitude of the writer's desk.The chant of "Azadi!"—Urdu for "Freedom!"—is the slogan of the freedom struggle in Kashmir against what Kashmiris..
Rs.550 Rs.750
Writer: Najam Sethi Product Code: STP-12153
This is a blow by blow account of the Imran Khan regime 2018-2022 that promised so much and delivered so little. The “IK story” began in 2011 when Pakistan’s military establishment determined to secure a political alternative to the dynastic Bhutto-Sharif regimes that had alternated for over tw..
Rs.3,200 Rs.4,495
Writer: Dr. Ishtiaq Ahmed Product Code: STP-12135
Few regions of the world are riven with the variety of ethnic conflicts that stalk South Asia. These conflicts stem from the impact of colonial legacies, population movements across porous borders, the disruptive effects of modernisation forces and the exigencies of electoral politics. The..
Writer: Napoleon Hill Product Code: STP-12132
Napoleon Hill, internationally-bestselling motivational author, devoted his life to unlocking the secrets to success. He analysed the outstanding life work of hundreds of magnates, tycoons, moguls and captains of industry and uncovered a key secret - thinking great will put you on the way to..
Rs.650 Rs.900
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