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Ghazi - غازی

Ghazi - غازی
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Ghazi - غازی
  • Writer: Abu Shuja Abu Waqar
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  • Category: Novels 
  • Pages: 560
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  • Product Code: STP-619
  • ISBN: 978-969-500-078-9




This is the true story of Pakistani spy man.The story of Pakistani Spy about his central goal in India after 71 war.
Ghazi is a motivational genuine story of a challenging Pakistani who spied in India putting his life to the great threat. Ghazi is one of the prevalent books among the energetic Pakistanis particularly the young who regard and adoration Pakistan Army and ISI. The book is not just loved and read by Pakistanis living in Pakistan, yet the Pakistani Citizens who are living outside additionally love to peruse Ghazi by Abu Shuja Abu Waqar. This genuine story is really a personal history kept in touch with convey the strayed Pakistanis to the right way and persuade them to work for the advancement of their nation. this is on account of the writer feels that the adolescent is the fate of Pakistan and if his book conveys a solitary individual to the right way, he succeed the point of portraying his life as a spy in India.

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Pages 560

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