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Tum Meri Zeest Ka Hasil Ho

Tum Meri Zeest Ka Hasil Ho
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Tum Meri Zeest Ka Hasil Ho
Tum Meri Zeest ka Hasil Ho is a Famous Social Romantic Urdu Novel written by Iqra Sagheer Ahmed. She already has many best sellers on her credit. She has tried to portray different aspects of our social life, with a mixing of love and romance in this Novel. Khizra has been portrayed as a struggling and working woman in this novel. As it happens with working females in this society, she also undergoes a series of situations. Every one of these situations depicts the hard truths of this society where it is hard for a girl to keep going on her own. Sometimes we take things granted as a precaution while they prove to be the other way after experience and trial. The reader does not lose interest throughout the novel and this is a peculiar ingredient of Iqra Sagheer’s Novels. Human feelings and emotions have been depicted in a way that the reader does not lose interest throughout the Novel. This novel was first published in the monthly Kiran Digest and later published in a single book form by Ilm-o-Irfan Publishers, Lahore. Iqra Sagheer Ahmed is very popular in Woman Novel readers because of her unique and attractive writing style.
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