-21% Khas-o-Khashak Zamane -  خس و خاشاک زمانے
The story starts in a village in pre -partition Punjab, and then spreads and develops after independence in Lahore, taking note of all important political and social events, like martial laws, 1965 war, 1971 war and fall of Dacca. The story takes a new high after 9/11 when Afghanistan and Iraq are devastated.

The final chapters of the story are classic example of how an artist can use his historic heritage and rise to glorifying heights. Tarar uses Attar’s metaphor of thirty birds in search of a king where the birds eventually find themselves. Here Tarar’s character in search of truth finds a new Adam.
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Khas-o-Khashak Zamane - خس و خاشاک زمانے

Writer: Mustansar Hussain Tarar
Views: 2662
Category: Novels
Pages: 740
ISBN: 969-35-2307-5
Product Code: STP-1041
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