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Mah e Tamam - ماہ تمام

Mah e Tamam - ماہ تمام
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Mah e Tamam - ماہ تمام
  • Writer: Amna Riaz
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  • Category: Novels 
  • Pages: 320
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Mah e Tamam is a Social Romantic Urdu Novel by Famous Woman Writer and Dramatist Amna Riaz, which serialized in Monthly Khawateen Digest. Maah e Tamaam is a story of Family Bonds and Blood Relations, especially Father and Son Relation. The Novel discusses important issues like Generation Gap, Suspicion and Forgiveness. Novel explains that Generation Gap is a very common problem in many Families, where young ones think elders are unnecessarily forcing their rules and restrictions on them. While elders think young ones are not behaving and violating their cultural values and family traditions. Mostly this Generation Gap comes with Communication Gap, when family members, old and young ones do not talk or express themselves. Novel also explains that Suspicion can destroy any beautiful relation and one must learn to forgive others in good faith and move ahead in life.

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Pages 320

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