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Sense And Sensibility

Sense And Sensibility
Sense And Sensibility
  • Writer: Jane Austen
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  • Category: English 
  • Pages: 304
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  • Product Code: STP-3615
  • ISBN: 978-627-510014-0
When their father dies and the estate goes to their half-brother, Dashwood sisters and their mother are on their own. Margaret is a child but Elinor and Marianne have come of age. Their only chance to overcome their ill-fate lies in finding themselves suitable husbands. Elinor is shy and sensible while Marianne is bold and impulsive. Their natures will play important roles in their quest. They will have ups and downs on the way but will their struggle be enough in view of their circumstances? Set in Georgian England, Sense and Sensibility is a comedy of manners. Printed anonymously, it was Jane Austen s first novel. As fresh as ever, it has never been out of print since its first publication in 1811 and has been adapted for visual media over and again.
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Pages 304

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