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Set of 10 Classical English Novels

Set of 10 Classical English Novels
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Set of 10 Classical English Novels
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Original Readings Classic set of TEN Novels from best writers of all times.
Details of Books:
1) Mother By Maxim Gorky - Pages 386
2) Siddhartha By Hermann Hess - Pages 134
3) A Tales Of Two Cities By Charles Dickens - Pages 399
4) Notes From Underground By Fyodor Dostoyevsky - Pages 132
5) A Farewell To Arms By Ernest Hemmingway - Pages 303
6) Animal Farm By George Orwell - Pages 105
7) The Plague By Albert Camus - Pages 276
8) The Trial By Franz Kafka - Pages 202
9) Wuthering Heights By Emily Bronte - Pages 344
10) Orlando By Virginia Wolf - Pages 202
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Parts 10 Books

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