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Socialism 101 By Kathleen Sears

Socialism 101 By Kathleen Sears
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Socialism 101 By Kathleen Sears
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  • Pages: 235
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  • Product Code: STP-11902
  • ISBN: 978-1-5072-1136
Socialism 101 is a comprehensive and accessible guide to the historical and modern applications of socialism.

In today’s political climate, more and more presidential candidates are espousing socialist—or democratic socialist—policies. Once associated with oppression, socialism is now a current topic of conversation with everyday Americans, including policies like taxing the rich and healthcare for all. But what exactly is socialism and why does it spark such an intense debate?

Socialism 101 provides an easy-to-understand, unbiased overview to the nearly 300-year-old origins of this mode of government, its complex history, basic constructs, modern-day interpretations, key figures in its development, and up-to-date concepts and policies in today’s world. As capitalism has become less appealing and socialism experiences a surge in popularity, the need for clarification of what it means has never been more necessary than now.
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