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Humeen Charagh Humeen Parwany

Humeen Charagh Humeen Parwany
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Humeen Charagh Humeen Parwany
  • Writer: Quratulain Haider
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  • Category: Novels 
  • Pages: 376
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  • Product Code: STP-3393
  • ISBN: 969-35-2478-0

"Humeen chirag humeen parwanay is the translation of Henry James famous novel "The portrait of a lady" , It is the story of a young,free spirited, and nice yet strong Isabel Archer who moves from America to England to live with her maternal aunt after the death of her father. The complexity and layers of Isabel’s character made her relatable for me.She is just a soul in search of freedom. like the name of the book depicts,she was the (chirag) light of her life and she is the (parwana) moth herself,this shows how independent as a character Isabel is.She is a strong headed woman who knows what she wants from life and isn’t afraid of confrontations.

The best thing about this novel is how is makes you go through every emotion. What took me more than my usual time to review it was because of the fact that I decided to take an overview of Henry james’s book and after reading it,I can say the translated version didn’t lose the essence of the actual book and so much to offer.

The plot of the book wasn’t that intriguing tho,even though I loved Isabel’s character I was mad at her for making some wrong choices (which I won’t mention here cause it would ruin the book for others) but the decisions she makes cotradict the scheme of Isabel’s character that the writer sketched at the start of the book.
I’m all up for open endings cause i feel they give the readers opportunity to imagine the scenarios that might happen but in case of this book I wanted the writer to be more specific about the ending.
Overall It was a nice read with phenomenal portrayal of relationships and their complexities.

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Pages 376

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