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Albert Camus

Writer: Albert Camus Product Code: STP-11266
These six stories, written at the height of Camus' artistic powers, all depict people at decisive, revelatory moments in their lives. Translated from the French by Justin O'Brien.The six works featured in this volume are: "The Adulterous Woman" ("La Femme adultère") "The Renegade or a Confused S..
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Writer: Albert Camus Product Code: STP-11253
Urdu Translation of The OutsiderTranslated By Yaqoob Yawar..
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Writer: Albert Camus Product Code: STP-9598
Jean-Baptiste Clamence is a judge-penitent who can be found sitting humbly at a sailor’s bar in Amsterdam. It would be fair to say that it is an absolute delight to be seated next to him as long as you have the fortitude to endure his uncensored and ruthless honesty about all things he wishes to spe..
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Writer: Albert Camus Product Code: STP-9597
The Stranger is the story of an anti-hero. When he is tried for a crime in a court of law, he comes to know that his trial is more about him than his offense. He may be exonerated for what he did but he is not pardonable for who he is. But will he himself forgive the world he lives in when he finall..
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Writer: Albert Camus Product Code: STP-9554
Drawing upon the character of Sisyphus from the Greek Mythology, Camus beautifully constructs his theory of absurd , one of the greatest works of Existentialism. Sisyphus was condemned by gods to eternally push a boulder atop a mountain and subsequently see it roll down to its base. Camus uses the a..
Writer: Albert Camus Product Code: STP-4093
یہ ناول کئی کرداروں کے گرد گھومتا ہے مگر اسکا مرکز "میرسو(Meursault) " ہے۔ یہ ناول اصل فرینچ زبان میں لکھا گیا ہے۔ اس ناول میں، ہمیشہ کی طرح، کامیو نے(Existentialism and Absurdity) کے نظریے کو پیش کیا ہے۔ اس ناول کو دنیا کا جدید کلاسک مانا جاتا ہے۔ اسی ناول پر البرٹ کامیو کا نوبل انعام ملا تھا۔ناول ..
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Writer: Albert Camus Product Code: STP-3184
Everyday life in Oran takes an ominous turn when dead rats begin to appear all of a sudden. Soon, their number becomes overwhelming and people start to die. Gradually, the rats disappear. Cats disappear. Dogs disappear. People continue to die. The landscape appears devoid of life. Resources become s..
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